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Kyle Unger


Casey Imson

on 9 April 2010

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Transcript of Kyle Unger

The murder of Brigitte Grenier
~ Unger and Grenier were acquaintances through high school.

~ During the night of the concert, Unger drank as well as took LSD.

~ at midnight, Unger saw the victim and Houlahan dancing, he mentioned to a friend that he wanted to have sexual intercourse with her. He tried to make a move, but failed. Grenier and Houlahan had left the party.

~ Unger saw the two of them leave for the forest.

~ between 2:00 and 2:30 am he left the grounds of the concert for 20-30 minutes

~ no one saw him until 4:00 when he returned back to the fire, when he returned he didn’t have any suspicious injuries (including mud or dirt on his pants).





~ Born 1974.

~ She was last seen at a rock concert near Roseisel.

~ Her body was found near a creek in a forest.

~ She was strangled, took many blows to the head, raped and her body was mutilated.

~ Unger and Grenier were acquainted.

~ She had never met Houlahan until the night of the concert. Kyle Unger ~ Houlahan began drinking at approximatley 11:30pm.

~ Starting at midnight Houlahan and Grenier danced, kissed and fondled with eachother.

~ At approximatley 1:30 am thet left the dance floor and went to the forest to get more intimate.

~ This is were Grenier was last seen.

~ At 4:30am Houlahan came back to the grounds of the concert with mud, dirt, scratches and blood all over him.

Brigitte Grenier the people. the refereces the interview.
the compensation the trial the evidence Timothy Houlahan ~ There where bite marks found on Grenier's body.
-The bite marks found on Grenier's body didn’t match the dental molds of Unger.

~Unger allegely confessed to an under cover police officer (to gain access to a criminal gang).

~a stand of hair was found at the crime scene but was not a match to him.
-in 2004 the hair strand was re-tested and found not to be a match to his DNA.

~ Houlahan had blood on his shoe that matched the victim aswell as a hair fiber that matched the victim.

~ Houlahan's story was :"I was with a girl (or following her) when I was attackedby an unknown male".

~ Houlahan gave a detailed statement, about how Unger murdered Grenier.

~ He admitted to beating her up, only because Unger made threatended him if he didnt.

~ On Feburay 29 1992 Unger and Houlahan both pleaded not guilty, and were then convicted of 1st degree murder.

~ In 1994 Houlahan was released on bail, his conviction was over turned.

~ In 1994 while on bail Houlahan committed suicide before he was retried.

~ Unger was covicted due to his confession and the statement Houlahan wrote.

~ Kyle Unger spent 14 years behide bars

~ No compensation or inquiry was made "because it was Unger's own confession that resulted in the original conviction in 1992"

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