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The Royal Wedding/The Royal Family

William and Kate: critics urge Windsors to fund ceremony

Sonja Meyer

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of The Royal Wedding/The Royal Family

The Royal Wedding 22 Mio. 1,4 Mio. 15 Mio. 5,8 Mio. Queen Elizabeth II. 16,4 Mio. 16,4 Mio. unknown sum 22 Mio. gross income expenditure Grants-
in-aid Privy
Purse Die Grants-in-aid Civil List He costs The Royal Family Private
Income £ 62p a year! Queen used reserve funds to boost her Civil List by £6.5m in 2009 "The Royal Household is actually aware of the difficult economic climate and took early action to reduce its Civil List expenditure by 2.5% in real terms in 2009." Peter Tatchell Graham Smith 496 000p "Monarchy should not
be exempt" "There's no reason why the queen can't be paid a salary" 826 209p 661 302p opinion poll of 1,165 adults carried out by MORI for the Independent on Sunday expensive luxury 42 % good king bad king 41 % 40 % Public opinion Arguments against the Monarchy contradicts democracy is religiously discriminatory is ethnic-discrimination is gender-discriminative Monarchs are not impartial, and lack accountability Constitutional Monarchy = politically neutral stabilty constitutional and representational duties The "Head of Nation" Act of Settlement 1701 designed to secure the Protestant succession to the throne The Queen in Ireland "the neighbour from hell" Demonstration on Sunday15th about 50 up the road at Dublin airport Majority of Irish people are in favour of the Queen's historic visit Peter Hunt the Queen's visit was very "symbolic" John Bruton "is going to make a difference to the tone of the relationship" “She came, she saw, she conquered the sceptics” Financial affairs Tourism is a principal magnet of tourism buckingham
palace Merchandising of the wedding via several souvenir shops on the internet 750.000 people celebrated the royal wedding in the streets of london opinion polls have almost always shown that she has an excellent approval rating, currently Public role one can say that, the royal family draws much attention to Britain. after the death of Diana fame of the Queen over 80% members of the royal family participate in hundreds of public engagements
they often join the nation in commemorating historical events, holidays ...
their travels on behalf of the UK draw celebrity-like attention to Britain it’s relations, its goods and trades 1.900 guests from all over the world were invited to the wedding international connections Does the Royal Family serve any important role besides being royal?
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