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Swim Pacing Systems

Class Project

Sean Connelly Jr

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Swim Pacing Systems

Swim Pacing Systems LLC Jim Nolan and Sean Connelly Target Market 507 Collegiate Programs Focus on top schools in each division Swim Practice Speed
Pool Pacer Pace Car
Internal Timing Marketing CSCAA Conference
Online Ads
Direct Solicitation
Print Ads
Price Pricing will be comparable to a
standard timing system for one lane

Estimated $1,500 Goals Provide every competitive swim
program in the world with a pool pacer system 100% Unique The Pool Pacer is a one of
a kind product Anticipated Costs Engineer Consoltant
Manufacturing Space
Testing Cash Flow and Cost Reduction Personal
Sales Home Office
Website Maintenance Risks Lack of Coach Interest
Copycat Ideas
Dangerous to Athletes Managment Team Former Swimmers Sean Connelly & James Nolan Business Students Harvesting Acquisition

Timing System Company
Training Product Company
Pool Accessory Company
Milestones CSCAA Conference
Team Development
Concept Finalization
Materials Acquisition
Build and Test
Design Adjustment
System Completion
Begin Marketing Campagin
Customer Development
First Sale and Feedback

Washington D.C. 6 Collegiate Programs In the Area
Prime East Coast Location
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