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1,000,000 million dollars

No description

luis sanchez

on 24 May 2011

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Transcript of 1,000,000 million dollars

What 2 Buy With A Billion Dollars! I Would Buy A Car! $300,000 Donate 200,000 million dollars to the Lady Gaga
and Robin Hood Foundation which helps kids from new york with awareness of people that need help with homes and more! Buy The Nike Shoe Company! 30 million dollars Buy 5 Bunnies for
50 dollars! I would Finally Buy Facebook! 1,000,000 dollars So Far I Have Spent $31,500,050 Heres a video from the robin hood foundation concert! And Have $968,499,950 Left Buy 5 Giraffe's
For 100,000 dollars I'd buy a puppy for 32,000,000 million dollars! Id buy a the heart mansion in beverly hills for 165 million dollars! So far i have 77,139,950 dollars left! I would Buy youtube for 30,980,456 million dollars! Id Buy a Yacht for 46,150,400 million dollars! I have only have 9094 dollars left! Buy a spider monkey for 6000 dollars! Now i have 3094 dollars I'd buy a monkey for 3000 dollars! only have 94 dollars left! Id buy three $10 puppies I have 4 dollars left and i would finally buy a bag of munchies!
for 4 dollars!
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