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Leonardo da Vinci

5.000 likes zou chill zijn

Niels B.

on 17 February 2017

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Transcript of Leonardo da Vinci

1. Personal life
- parachute
- ball-bearing and machine gun
- diving suit
- robot
Leonardo da Vinci
1. Personal life
2. Art
3. Science
Andrea del Verrocchio
Fifteen years old
Duke of Milan
From 1482 until 1499
Back to Florence
Many tasks
Moving to France and last years

Invited by king of France
Not many tasks
2. Art
by Tom Verstraten
by Yoni Koenen
Art technique
- Lots of innovations
- Created by his knowledge of anatomy and biology

> High quality
Famous paintings
- Didn't finish most of his artworks
- Destroyed paintings he didn't like
- Queen Elizabeth owns most of his paintings
Virgin of the Rocks
- Also known as Madonna of the Rocks
- Two versions:

Version 1 in Louvre, Paris
Version 2 in Gallery of London

The two versions are only different in details
Not many facts known
Calculate, read and write
Make paintings and sculptures
15th of April 1453
Painting details
Until 1477
Own atelier
Became famous
Died on 2nd of May 1519
Architect, inventor, sculptor, philosopher, painter, genius and many other things (homo universalis)

• He finished a little of his works
• He destroyed some paintings
• Queen Elizabeth has the most paintings

• Special paint technics
• Anatomy and biology
• High quality

• Madonna, Jesus, John the Baptist and an angel
• 2 versions
• Between 1583 and 1486
• Second between 1491 and 1508
• The same composition and background
• Several details

The virgin of the rocks
• A fresco
• Between 1495 and 1498
• The scene of the last supper
• Experimental way of paint
• A second version in the abbey by Tongerloo

The last supper
• Between 1503 and 1506
• The wife of the sedan merchant Francesco del Giocondo
• Famous of the mystic smile

Mona Lisa
- pyramid with open underside
- really built with wood and canvas
Diversity of interest
- enormous diversity

- observed the effects of age to human emotion and physiology

- drew anatomy of many animals
Humanism and modern science
- partly responsible

- think with your own mind and wit

- God did not cause everything

- did consider humanity as center of science
- 'mechanical knight'

- sketchbook found in the 1950s

- for a celebration at the court of Milan

- stand / sit / raise its visor / maneuver its arms

Empirical research
- understand a phenomenon by describing and depicting it

- not based on scientific experiments and theories

- observations in notebooks and journals

- encyclopedia
- lacked formal education

- Renaissance

- mirror-image

Practical experience?
3. Science
by Niels Burghoorn
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