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Tips for Hotel Guests

Things every hotel guest should know and do

Nathan Myers

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Tips for Hotel Guests

Fire Escape Hotel halls can be confusing because of how similar everything looks. If smoke or fire is present, evacuating could be a problem.

Before you enter your room, count the doors and know the direction from your room to the nearest stair well. Other items to consider Never trust the hotel clock or wake up call. Always use your own alarm that you are familiar with. A guide for hotel guests Checking into a Hotel Door Locks Once in the room test that all the locks work and place the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the outside of the door. If the sign is posted outside, maid staff will not interrupt your rest if you have not checked out by the usual hotel checkout time. Bag Racks Find the bag rack (usually found in the closet) and place your bag on it.
Never place your bag or any clothing on the bed, chair or floor. If bed bugs are present they will not be able to climb the bag rack. Review the map on the back of the door and any hotel specific details that are outlined Hang your clothes and jacket in the closet Bed Bugs Inspect the room for any sign of bed bugs.
Pull back the cover sheet, look for black dots. Look behind head board if possible. Problems? If you do find any problems (door locks, missing room items, damage to room, sign of bed bugs...) contact the front desk immediately and request a new room. File a hotel complaint form with OREA and the Air Georgian hotel representative upon your return home. Using a phone? Be sure that it is charging. Think before you use objects in the room Do not use cups unless they are single use cups that are disposed of after use.
Do not use in-room coffee makers. Who knows what is in them.
Do not touch the TV remote. Place it in a bag before use. If you leave a hotel room unatended Do not leave valuables out. If you can, take them with you.

Leave the radio or TV on with a low enough volume that it won't disturb other guests but loud enough to make someone who is entering the room believe that someone might be in the room.

Leave the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door knob
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