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Hughes The Rain Horse

Short Story Analysis

Murimi Kiuri

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Hughes The Rain Horse

by,Ted Hughes The Rain Horse Ted Hughes is the author of The Rain Horse. Hughes is known for his short stories and poems based on nature. A conclusion was made about why he wrote about nature, this was because he lived on a farm and wrote about his experiences with nature. He wrote this a third person omnipresent intimate perspective. Hughes wrote the story in 1974. Author The Story only has two characters. A majestic rogue horse and an unidentified man. Both characters have a unique personality. Character The Rain Horse is a story that is set at an un-known country. The story begins with a man on the hillside admiring the land he grew up on, though he feels lost. As he walks down to the farm he notices a some what of a majestic horse from the corner of his eye. When he goes and rests under a tree whilst thinking about the horse. Then out of nowhere the horse attacks the man in an almost vindictive way. This happens a couple times more. I interpreted this as a way the writer could be hinting at the fact that his past is chasing after him and taunting him for un-known reasons. The story ends where the man is in the middle of the field while stripping his clothes of and fade to black. Summary The man seems to be looking for his past ; not much information is given about him other than what he is wearing and the fact that he lived on the farm. Also we are given the idea that he is of a mature age ‘‘A wave of anger went over him: anger against himself for blundering into this mud-trap and anger against the land that made him feel so outcast, so old and stiff and stupid’’ this suggest that he is feeling old and like his on unfamiliar territory, though it was his former home The Horse is described through the point of view of the Man. It’s given a majestic essence also with a touch of human personality. We know it’s black
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