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Cree Worldview.

No description

Janae Bertsch

on 7 March 2011

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Transcript of Cree Worldview.

Cree Worldview. Spiritual beliefs Political beliefs Economic beliefs
The abitiy to be motivated and hardworking is very importand
Surviving came from the presents of the land, sun, water, trees, rocks, animals, fish, berries and roots
Everybody has an importand role to play in the survival of a nation
The land and creator supply all peolpe will what they need
Sharing is very importand to all the cree nations
Harmony, peace and good relations have to be maintained at all times
Security of the nation guides all decisions
The creator is greater then all of the governments
The creator's laws, life protected and nurtured the creation of strong, vibrant nations
Unity among all frist nations peolpe and there nations is stressed
All the responsibilities and duties that come from ceremonies, laws, and traditions guide all life and relationships Cleanliness, respect, fairness, gentleness, honesty, and kindness are all some of the guiding principles of life
All things are related to the creator and to creation and a person's inner soul is connected to creation
The starting/beginning point of all things is creation
All life is connected
The nations that were created were given a way to pray
Spirituality has everything in life and is a part of all things emotional, intellectual, and physical
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