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Global primary energy Consumption

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Manuel Bischoff

on 25 May 2014

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Transcript of Global primary energy Consumption

Global Comparison
Industrialized Countries
Developing countries
Comparison of different countries efforts
books on Page 533, Figure 18.2

Comparison of countries use of different energy sources in btu
Btu = British Thermal unit = Amount of energy needed to warm one british pound of water up by 1 °F
Global annual use 415.6 Btu
Global Comparison
27% of global population
do not have access to energy
demand of developing countries will grow to more than 60% of global demand, according to growth of population and economic strength
Developing countries
one average American uses as much energy as:
2 Japanese
13 Chinese
31 Indians
128 Bangladeshis
370 Ethiopians
1st group US
Global primary energy Consumption
Industrialized vs. developing countries
Industrialized countries divided into to two groups when looking at energy consumption
1st group highest per capita consumption of primary energy (US, Australia, Canada)
2nd group more efficient energy use (Japan, Western Europe
Industrialized Countries
Percent of World Total Consumption

mankind has developed increasingly efficent energy production systems
Greenpeace tried to encourage people all over germany to turn the lights off for five minutes on the 8th december, 2007
use of energy saving lamps instead of standard bulls (Glühbirnen)
United States (yellow)
Developed Countries
Undeveloped Countries

Primary energy - definition
- energy that can be foun in nature
and that has neither be converted nor
transformed in any way
Global comparison
An American uses 10 tonnes of coal equivalent units
a German ~ 6
an Indian ~1/2
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