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My 4TH grade memories

No description

Mike Graham

on 31 May 2016

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Transcript of My 4TH grade memories

1. When i almost broke my neck
One day during the month of march or may we were having recess. me, Livia, and grace were hanging out at the flip bars when i decided to hang upside-down. i tried to jump off while i was upside-down but failed and landed on my head. It looked like i almost broke my neck. i can never forget that day
4. Field day
On May 22 we had field day we had 8 events, hulu-hooping, football punting, softball throwing, basketball shooting, long jumping, funning 400 meters, running 100 meters, and playing corn hole. It was fun but the top 5 in each event got a prize. I don't think i did that well at any thing but i some how got a 5TH place at running the 400 meter dash. i thought every one else did really good too.
5.Field Trip!
on May 8 we had a field trip! it was so much fun! we saw pretty things in the cavern, played games went to a souvenier shop, and had lunch there. i took a lot of pictures of the things i saw in the cavern and got a to pan out arrow heads. i also got a lot of cool things too. This summer i hope to go there again.
7. Field Trip Number 2
on May 20 we went on another field trip. this time to the Allen county farm park. there we played games, made candles, learned a lot about pioners, made butter, and did chores they did back then. after that we went to Kewpe's for lunch. the best part about the field trip was that my mom was a chaperone.
2. Christmas fun
During the month of December we brought in stockings and we put toys, candy, pencils, and much more in them. Then two days before Christmas break we had a party! we had yummy food, got fun treats, and got a book from Mrs.Thompson! it was so much fun!
My 4TH grade memories
By: Caitlin L.

3. The Kickball Tournement
During the month of may we played kickball! then one day we had a tournement. each team (or class) had two chances to win the tournement. the first game was our class (the thompson tigers) v.s Mr. Graham's. their team won but we were still in the tournement. the next game we played was our class v.s Mrs.
. Our team won but we still had one more chance. The next (and the final) GAME WE PLAYED WAS mRS. MULLHOLLAND'S CLASS V.S US. WE LOST AND WE WERE OUT OF THE TOURNEMENT. IT WAS STILL FUN EVEN THOUGH WE LOST.
7. Furry Driver
One day Mr. Graham showed us a video (like he sometimes does). This video had an intresting subject though. the video was about his dog driving a car. his dog had his front paws up on the wheel while Mr. Graham was driving. then, when they got to a turn the dog fell down. that video cracked everyone up and that was the thing everyone was talking about for the rest of the day.
Thanks for watching and special thanks to the teachers (and some students) for helping make these memories happen!
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