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Warm Up

No description

Elizabeth Brathwaite

on 28 February 2018

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Transcript of Warm Up

What might you boycott and why?
Let's start with adjective phrases and clauses
An adjective phrase is a prepositional phrase that describes a noun. Adj phrases often start with with, to, in, at, of, and under
Each summer, my friends play.
My pencil writes.
Those students had a long weekend.
Our dog ran away.
My shoes are soaking wet.
I love that shirt.
Adjective clauses
Adjective clauses are dependent clauses. They describe nouns and can be restrictive or non-restrictive.
They start with who, whom, which, whose, that, where, and when.
clauses with which are usually non-restrictive (COMMAS!)
clauses with that are usually restrictive (NO COMMAS, NECESSARY!)
Proper nouns are usually followed by non-restrictive clauses.
Find the clause and say if its restrictive or non-restrictive.
Suzy, who is usually a good student, didn't do her project.
The museum, which has ancient artifacts, is closed today.
The shirt that got stained was thrown out.

The bridge
over the river
is broken.
The cat
with the fluffy tail
runs away a lot.
The book
on the table
belongs to the library.
Put an adjective phrase in each of the following sentences.
My aunt
who loves to paint
bought me an easel.
The car
that doesn't start
is in the shop.
I see the room
where I left my bag
adj phrase and clause ws
Montgomery Boycott content questions
Students on Strike 10-17 questions due Monday
few, little, adj phrase, and adj clause quiz Tuesday.
Adjective test Wednesday
10-12 vocab review unit due 3/12, 1-12 test 3/21
Students on Strike test next Thursday
Holocaust novel due in class by 3/8
Warm Up
You have unit 9:05 to finish the work for The Noble Experiment.

The essay is about why Branch Rickey's effort's were or were not noble. Decide if it was noble or not and explain three reasons.

EACH PARAGRAPH should have a quote that supports what you are saying. After the quote, explain why the quote supports your point.
Adj clause examples
pg 26 and 27 ex 1 and 2
Let's start by reading "Montgomery Boycott" and completing the central idea questions.
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