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The OT Process - Case Study

No description

Nakai Dziya

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of The OT Process - Case Study

Refractory Localisation Related Epilepsy
Panic Attacks
Verbal & Occasional Physical Aggression

Single White Male
Lives With Mom & Step Dad
Aged 33
Currently Unemployed Background Mark Taylor What He Says
I'm epileptic so...
I have anger management problems so....
I want a girlfriend and want to date...
It's very hard for me but Actually the truth is more...
Individual with decent capabilities but
Low self esteem
No motivation to change Here's the thing....
Very much still in pre-contemplation Being Client Centered means Engaging Mark In Meaningful Activity....
Can't Just tell him what to do Occupational Therapy Role What I did with him...
Interest Checklist
Phone Interview DISCOVERED...
c... 1st step is ASSESSMENT Finished 2nd step
Reflection Not Suitable Decline Last step Start with referral (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Home Visit
Medical Notes
Telephone Assessment Mark Volition Habituation Performance Skills Values Interests Personal Causation Roles Habits MOHO YOGA
COLLECTING poorly defined - tied up in illness
no expectation in home
Events coordinator & Newsletter Editor TV
PS3 Good with Kids
Good with technology
Good at wordsearches Interest Checklist
Initial Interview
Microwave Assessment
Community Skills INTERVENTION Mark has little genuine desire to make life changes...
His only constant request is for a girlfriend
High anxiety levels
Low Self confidence...further reflection reveals esteems himself with regard to illness & possible personal gains.... The Unfortunate Thing.... Due to the nature of Marks personality
Information can be provided on lifestyle changes and possible action but is unlikely to bear fruit Possible Solutions Speed dating
Mail Order Bride
Yoga at home
Befriending services Ethics Discharge
or back to square one How do you you engage Mark meaningfully in the OT process when there is such stark incongruence between his actions, roles and values?
Ethics of gambling...client centered practice?
Exigent circumstances... Up for Discussion?.... Further Questions....from your wonderful selves that is... Special Thank You to My AWESOME Practice Educator. I just want to be normal...
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