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Reflection process

busisiwe mkhize

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of Mindmap

My Reflection
The Outside Balcony
The School Grounds
I liked the composition the subjects were too dark and greyish. I increased the brightness to make the subjects clearer but it made the photo grayish. So I increased the contrast so that greyish-ness isn't so visible.
The Gym from The Outside
I had a few pictures originally of this concept but I decided to stick to this one. This one didn't require much work. it was taken from the same balcony that I took a photo of above. I like this one because there are so many boundaries that split the picture in parts, which creat.e an interesting composititon
I cropped the top of the picture across. The goal was the composition to be two-thirds the balcony and one-third the sky
The School Catwalks
I originally had a whole lot more pics like this so there wasn't much cropping to do. I just had to find the best one out of all of them to do then is pick the best and it was this one.
Busisiwe Mkhize
My original photograph was the catwalk.. It was taken from the far side of the corridor, straight forward. It created the effect of the corridor narrowing down, as if it was going on forever.
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