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No description

Maria Lapshina

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of SPORT

Mariia Lapshina
Yulia Nesushkina collocations Why do people like sport?? it gives goals it teaches discipline it gives a sense of belonging it is a universal language it unites people (brings people together) helps to keep fit drives to the peak of one's abilities builds one's self-identity it has a competitive power SPORT SPORT is Fun! CHESS BOXING Chess Boxing (a hybrid sport)

Two participants compete in a boxing fight and participate in a game of chess until the next round begins.
A winner is declared if an opponent is knocked out or fails the game of chess . OCTOPUSH Six players, wearing snorkels, play effectively an underwater game of hockey
Underwater hockey
(invented in the 1950's) Its oddness mixed with its similarities to regular hockey are said to be responsible for its popularity. Street Luge Street luge combines the safety concerns of the luge with the gentleness of pavement.
Participants lie on an enlarged skateboard designed to hold the human frame. Gravity does the rest of the work. Street Luge
( invented in Southern California)
The kind of athletic events including toilet seat tossing, seed spitting, and mud belly flops.

"Competitors at the Summer Redneck Games may not get all the attention or the money or the endorsement deals with Nike. As a matter of fact, many of them probably don't even have shoes. But there's no doubt it takes a special kind of athlete to take home glory at the Summer Redneck Games." Redneck Games (East Dublin, Georgia) Unicycle-polo Redneck Games Unicycle-polo teams are composed of five players but there is no dedicated goalkeeper role. The rule book encourages "frequent and colorful swearing" and the consumption of "one alcoholic beverage prior to every match” Competitive, but Not Supermen
1. compete with superheroes
2. winning his first league championship
3.leading the United States to a gold medal
4. an unquestioned leader of a big-name group,
5.overshadowing everyone else
6.seven of the league’s biggest stars
7. can be crowned the champions for 8.capable of challenging their dominance . Sport myths-

true or false? The more sport,
the better False!
The body is only able to develop further and to reach a higher level of performance when the training is done in a systematic and regular sequence.
Too much of training is harmful for the immune system. Running on asphalt is damaging False !
A too soft ground, such as sand, might be even more dangerous for the joints and bones. Every ground has advantages and disadvantages for the running. Asphalt, for example, provides stability and reduces the risk of slipping and twisting one’s ankle. The slimmer athlete, the better athlete. False !

While a drop in weight may initially increase performance speed in sports, lack of adequate nutrition depletes the body’s  system, resulting in decreased performance overall. Sore muscles
need rest False!
After an intense training, slight lacerations are built in the muscles. This causes the well-known muscle ache. The body needs to be well-supplied with blood to stimulate the recovery and to strengthen the muscles. Too much rest lengthens this process. Therefore, light physical activity helps to cure sore muscles. Athletes get sick less often Mostly true!

It is widely recognized that
physical activity has
a positive effect on body and soul,because of a complete relaxation after the training. False!
While football has the highest number
of concussions, and concussions are common in hockey and wrestling,
concussions also occur frequently in basketball and soccer cheerleaders. breaks the boarders between genders Street Luge is an extreme gravity-powered activity. Questions: Name a type of a hybrid sport mentioned above! Is Octopush a gravity powered activity? Name the inventor of the Red Neck Games! Name the type of a team sport that encourages "frequent and colorful swearing"? Thank you for your attention! Idiomatic collocations Only athletes in aggressive sports
like football suffer concussions.
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