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Criminological Theory

Hannah Christensen

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of LSA2010

Criminological Theory Why does crime happen The scientific study of crime, criminals, criminal behavior and corrections.
By Hannah Christensen
:) Social
In the social learning theorypropses that that both crimnal and conforming behavior are aquired, maintained, and changed byt the processes of others behaviors.
The social learning theory applies to these fields of sociology:
criminal justice

Where people can learn by observing the behavior is of others and the outcomes of the behaviors. The labeling theory is the theory of formal and informal of stigmatizing and deviat "labels" or tabs applied to an individual by society. The labeling theory treats other labels as both the cause and effect. Such as independent and dependent variables.
Psychological theory A general perspective that looks to the functions and development of an individual and the criminal acts. These differences arise from:
personality characteristics
biological factors
social interactions

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