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The Black Veil

No description

Ashley Campbell

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of The Black Veil

December, 1800, in London, England
Winter: season represents the death of nature, relates to story since the plot revolves around death
Wet, and cold weather creating a storm atmosphere: foreshadowing that something bad is happening/going to happen, but then will all be resolved/blow over.
The town the woman lives in with her son- poor, miserable, scattered houses
The woman's house is further apart from others and more isolated: represents her since she gave up everything (friends, personal health, wealth) to raise her son.
Literary Devices
Close Reading
Page 2: The woman in the black veil at the surgeon’s door
By Charles Dickens
Gothic Elements of Woman:
-woman claimed herself as mentally ill and mad
*very devoted mother to her son, and her son didn't recognize her efforts towards raising him, and ended up getting into a life of crime which caused his death, and his mother's shame & insanity
-woman was very dramatic and had a lot of feelings towards her son's death
*angry that he died the way he did
*passionate "unnatural fire in eye"

Mysterious Characteristics:
-never given a name in the story
-shows up at the surgeon's house unexpectedly
*why that time? why that surgeon?
-the black veil covered her face/identity
*veil symbolizes mystery
-she gave very vague details of the reason why she needed the surgeon, only that it was very important that he come visit the next morning at 9am
The Black Veil
Class Discussion
1. What is the significance of the woman's black veil?
Works Cited
"The Black Veil." Charles Dickens's Short Story:. N.p., n.d. Web. 10
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Characterization Continued
Significance of the Black Veil:
-woman dressed in all black with the veil *dressed like she was attending a funeral (foreshadowing son's death)
-symbolizes mystery
-symbolizes the woman's situation
*the veil was very difficult to see through, when it was on the woman would not give full details of her situation about her son, but when the body was revealed to the surgeon she took her veil off

Reason for Visiting Doctor:
-she already knew fate of son, she went to the surgeon for help to bring her son back to life once he passes, or for false hope that she would have her son back
-since she already knew her son was going to die, he was the only person she had
*she was looking for support, or a friend from the surgeon.
Class Discussion
2. What was the woman's reasoning behind asking the surgeon for help when she knew her son would already be dead?
Gothic Elements
: "A handful of fire"
"for the unwholesome moisture was stealing down the walls"
: "watching and weeping"
: Gothic Elements
: She is dressed as if she were going to
attend a funeral while trying to save her
: “Stretched upon the bed, closely
enveloped in a linen wrapper, and covered with blankets, lay a human form, stiff and motionless. The head and face, which were those of a man, were uncovered, save by a bandage which passed over the head and under the chin. The eyes were closed. The left arm lay heavily across the bed.”

Time period
Woman in distress
An atmosphere of mystery and suspense
Supernatural or otherwise inexplicable events
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