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What caused the Civil War?

No description

Ally Sherron

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of What caused the Civil War?

What caused the Civil War?
Obviously the Gold Rush did
The Gold Rush
California (free/slave undecided)
People rushed for gold
Became industrial when gold ran out
Immigrant Problems
diverse nationalities/races
Admission of California would upset the balance
Quote From the 1850's
"'Genocide' is a word I hesitate to use, but what happens in California is very close to genocide."

- Historian Richard White, on the Gold Rush's effects on California's Indians

source: http://www.shmoop.com/california-gold-rush/quotes.html
"The Lousy Miner"
It's four long years since I reached this land,
In search among the rocks and sand;
And yet I'm poor when the truth is told,
I'm a lousy miner,
I'm a lousy miner in search of shining gold.

The final refrain is one of bitter disappointment:
Oh, land of gold, you did me deceive,
And I intend in thee my bones to leave;
So farewell, home, now my friends grow cold,
I'm a lousy miner,
I'm a lousy miner in search of shining gold.
Gold Rush's Role in the Civil War
Tension (Slavery)
Splitting California in half
Missouri Compromise
Tension (Miners, Immigrants, and Native Population)
(written in 1855 by John A. Stone)
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