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Slavery Then vs. Slavery Now

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Lucy shaver

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Slavery Then vs. Slavery Now

Slavery Then vs. Slavery Now Lucy Shaver 8b Slavery Then Vs. Slavery Now Compare Slavery Now and Slavery Then is different ,But it is still has many similarities. Which is very wrong and it is against the law! The thing that is the same in slavery today is, that families are being sold and separated to work! Also that the slaves are black and or they can be immigrants, also they are innocent little kids! That are being abused and used for selfish purposes! Slavery Then And Slavery Now
Contrast Slavery back then was mainly forcing slaves to work on farms and plantations. Also if the slaves didn't pay there fees, they had to work as slaves! Also if the slaves did pay there fees some people still made them work as slaves! Slavery now for example is sex traffic for young girls! 27 million slaves in the world today, also slavery is NOT legal anywhere but happens everywhere. Sex trafficking is the main slavery going on today! We all have a part to do to end slavery and that includes YOU! Cause and Effect Slavery on plantations caused a rebellion by some slaves on St. John's Island. The effect was families and or slave owners dying and there plantations were destroyed. It also caused some slaves to die too,while fighting for their freedom! Slavery Then Slavery Now Solidarity Abolitionists back in the old days were working to end slavery like, they are still working on that today too. Why, solidarity because people are coming together to end slavery! Thank You For Watching!!!! Slavery I hope my presentation, helped you understand slavery better and why we need to stop it!!! Also what caused it and how they were treated! Sources My Social Studies Book




Inhuman Bondage by: David Davis
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