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Olympic Project


on 6 January 2010

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Transcript of SNOWBOARDING

SNOWBOARDING History of the Sport -First official snowboarding event was in Colorado, 1981 -It is compared to surfing, skateboarding, and skiing -One of the fastest growing sports ever -The half-pipe and dual giant slalom was introduced at the 2002 winter Olympics at salt lake city How it works -In a half-pipe each rider performs a series of tricks one at a time till they reach the end or time runs out -To win you have to pull off the sickest tricks while getting some big air -In the parallel giant slalom riders race down the mountain side by side going through a series f gates -To win you have to get the fastest time and to move on to the next round -In snowboard cross 4 racers start in a pack down a course racing against each other down rough terrain and ramps/jumps top 2 racers with fastest times get to move on to the next heat -Competitions -Men’s parallel giant slalom -Ladies’ parallel giant slalom -Men’s half-pipe -Ladies’ half-pipe -Men’s snowboard cross -Ladies’ snowboard cross -Equipment -Snowboard -Boots -Bindings -Helmet -Gloves -Goggles -Snowsuit -And a place to ride Pictures
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