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Rhetorical Appeals Introduction

A beginner's guide to ethos, logos and pathos

Bess Futrell

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Rhetorical Appeals Introduction

The Rhetorical Appeals of Aristotle:
Ethos, Logos, Pathos Ethos Logos Pathos Appeals appeal, n.

in rhetoric, a means
of persuasion. So, what is this about? It's about people trying to
get you to think or
do something. Rhetoric? It's the ancient art of argument...
It's speaking and writing effectively. Eth- ? ethics, ethical... someone with good *ethics* is
someone with good *character* so an appeal to *ethos* is an appeal based on the speaker's
character... character in this case means:
why should we listen to this person? Do other people listen to this person? Why?
What do I think about this person? While a speaker can tell us *why* we should listen... this kind of appeal is most effective if
we come to believe it on our own. Brands and logos (advertisements!) are appeals to ethos Log- ? logic, biology, dialog so appeals to logos have to do with
reason, which lies within the words themselves... so instead of ethos, where we consider character, that is to say, the speaker... ... with logos, we are only concerned wth the words and what they mean. Are they reasonable? Do they make sense? path- ? sympathy, pathogen, pathetic... so pathos is about how we feel... It's an appeal to emotion. The speaker is trying to make the audience more receptive... So what could some emotional appeals be? "Hey, I'm awesome. I know everything about this. So you guys should listen to me." "Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought." Henri Bergson,
major French philosopher ... so logos is based on the words alone. If we _____, then the terrorists have won. The sun rises every morning, so the sun will rise tomorrow.
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