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This is me

No description

Giorgia Peroni

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of This is me

Social networks Food and drinks My free time In my free time I like go swimming, reading, walking and drawing. I always go swimming, I sometimes go for a walk and read but I never play sports like football or rugby. I like social networks, but I think we should use them carefully. My favourite social network is Facebook, because it looks like a personal blog where you write about events, upload photos, etc. but you can also see other people's experiences and you can chat with them and add comments on their topics.
I think social networks are an opportunity to find old friends, but they may be dangerous because of problems of dependency and cyber bullying My favourite foods are ice cream and strawberry. The first is fresh, creamy, sweet and tasty. The second is fresh, sweet and refreshing. I think it is healthy because it contains a lot of water, minerals and vitamins.
I think I eat healthy because I always have breakfast, I eat at least four portions of vegetables and fruit per day and I have a balanced diet.
Unfortunately, I like chocolate, but I eat it only sometimes.
I would like to taste the aspic but I would never eat spiders. The enviroment The main environmental problem in my area is the pollution of the air caused by the traffic and the houses' heating. We can reduce the air pollution using less the car, for example just moving on foot at the weekends and lower the heating. Bologna I was born in Bologna. I like this city because it has many famous historical landmarks and some pretty museums.
My favourite city in the world is Vienna. I like it because there are many interesting places (old and new) and people are friendly. If I had a lot of money... If I had a lot of money, I would live in a villa on hills near Bologna, because it's a quiet place not very away from the city. In my house there should be a swimming pool, a gym, a spa and a big garden with many plants and trees and an English lawn.
I would have in my bedroom some japanese paintings a big bed and an hidden closet, because the room seems more spacious.
I would like to go to school, but I would be in a class with only my friends. My favurite object My favourite object is a cloth doll which I have since I was a baby. When I was a baby, if I had it, it could make me smile.
I would like have a modern smartphone to listen to the music, surf on the Internet and chat with my friends anywhere. My hero This is me One of my favourite sportsperson is the ice skater Carolina Kostner. She's 26 and she's Italian. Her mother was an ice skater too and her father played in the National Hockey Team. She's got two brothers: Simon and Martin.
She became famous ten years ago, when she got international results. She has done many international competitions and she's going to continue doing them.
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