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Oktapodi: Elementary ESL Lesson

This is a presentation made to accompany Oktapodi, the Oscar-nominated short animated film. Created for low-beginner level elementary students in grades 4-6 in Ulsan, South Korea. This prezi introduces the class subject (octopi), presents the video, che

Ann Orrin

on 29 June 2011

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Transcript of Oktapodi: Elementary ESL Lesson

What's this? It's an octopus. What do you know about the octopus? How many legs does an octopus have? It has 8 legs. What can an octopus do with its legs? It can stick to things. An octopus can make its body very small. Let's watch a video. Questions Who? Where? What? Why? A man and two octopi Where are they? ? Greece 1 2 3 4 5 6 Can you put the pictures in order? 6 5 1 4 2 3 Answer: Why does the man take the pink octopus? Because he wants to eat it. Why does the orange octopus help
the pink octopus? Because they love each other. Today's project: What happens next? ? Where will they go? Let's watch the video one more time: Rules: Everyone must act.

Everyone must say something in English

One person can be the narrator. Start here. Remember!
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