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Collaborative Problem Solving

No description

Susan Holster

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Collaborative Problem Solving

"Kids do well if they wanna" vs. "Kids do well if they can" Collaborative Problem Solving CPS is an approach to identify the
lagging skills and unsolved problems that
set the stage for challenging behavior.
Adults work collaboratively with each other
and with students to teach those skills and
solve those problems so kids can overcome
their obstacles. What is CPS? 1. Identify skills that are lacking and the problems precipitating the challenging behavior. Adults the use the ALSUP to identify these issues. ALSUP When the adult's will is imposed or expectations are dropped, long term
success is rarely achieved.
So what do we do? What have we done in
the past (things that
haven't worked)? Plan B is a relationship building process that allows adults and students to work together to solve problems. Plan B To have adults and students build meaningful relationships, while working together to find successful solutions that meet the needs of both. This will foster a caring school community and respectful relationships with kids. What is our goal? Team Members: Linda
Cirilli, Mary Rudis, and
Susan Holster Assessment of Lagging Skills and Unsolved Problems 1. Empathy - gather information about the student's concern or perspective.
2. Define the problem - Introduce the adult's concern or perspective.
3. Invitation - brainstorm solutions that are both realistic and mutually satisfactory.
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