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Alternative Energy

No description

Kai Guevara

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of Alternative Energy

There is almost too much trash in this world. About 2.12 billion tons a year. By 2100, people estimate that 3/4 of our world will be covered with trash. 99% of all things we buy become trash withing 6 months, and landfills all over the world are being filled up.
The Problem
Alternative Energy

“When most people think of renewable energy, they think of wind, solar and hydroelectric. However, there’s another source of energy that is created every day across the globe: trash.”

While the landfills are overflowing, and growing, it is also taking up too much space. Some habitats have been destroys to make a place where trash sits and releases poison.
Environment Impact
Our Solution
With the energy made out of trash, it could make electricity. It would help others, because it would save their electricity bill, because it's like solar lighting, but "killing 2 birds with 1 stone" by helping clear waste also.
Another way to clear trash, and use the energy is help the drought. We have made technology to clean salt water into drinking water. But, it costs a fortune. It would save some money if we used the alternative energy from the trash to clean the salt water.
The Drought
Without so much trash, it would help the environment also. There would be less pollution, and trash blowing out of landfills. There would also be reduced gasses in the air, like radiation. It would help animals live, although, overpopulation would occur.
The Environment
Energy generated in ways that do not deplete natural resources or harm the environment, especially by avoiding the use of fossil fuels and nuclear power.
Alternative Energy. You can take waste, and turn it in to energy. If there is too much trash in this world, instead of throwing the space in trash, and creating space junk, we can use it to do other things. It can help us in some ways:
Our idea
of a machine
When the ball rolls over trash, it compresses it into a little block. The gasses get caught in a filter, and the energy gets taken out.
A man drives on top of the circular
contraption, to controll what trash gets compressed. The trash block without gasses, can be used for other things.
Thanks for watching!
By: Kai, Manny, Dylan
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