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What is Teachmeet?

Presentation to staff on Teachmeets

Paul Barrett

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of What is Teachmeet?

So why attend one or even present at one? They start like this... What a Teachmeet looks like? And progress into this... Along the way you will pick up useful hints and tips
that will allow you to adapt Teaching and Learning in your classroom... What does a TM presentation look like? What do the teachers say? WHY? WHATS THE POINT? Teachmeets are used as a way to share your passion for teaching and learning with other teachers from other schools. I asked teachers I follow on twitter to describe
in less than 140 characters, what teachmeet's have
done to their classroom teaching? "Ability to listen & learn from inspirational teachers sharing the techniques & strategies that make their classrooms tick" @TeamTait "TeachMeets, as well as being great idea gardens, remind me that other teachers care about education. Makes me very positive :-)" @lisajaneashes "Teachmeet allows me to have the conversations I don’t have in my school with the teachers I don’t have in my school." @kennypieper Let's go on a little treasure hunt... In my short time teaching, I have found teachmeets to not only be very inspiring but also a great way to network and share good practice... Together
Teachers and Learners "Excellent learning conversations with passionate educators, opportunity to discuss ideas collaboration opportunities, extreme positivity, practical classroom tips/ideas... Reading/theory tips, technology recommendations...LOTS!" @Beetlebug1 X marks the spot! So what now? Are you interested? Keep an eye out on Neil's Teaching and Learning wall for new information.... Interested but haven't got the time? Join Twitter and follow some excellent tweachers to develop your CPD. Hold our very own MMS TM? Do we maybe run our very own TM, to share ideas that we use in our class rooms? Lunch time TM club once every month? Don't Shoot me it's just an idea! Equally you could just do what Laura did...

And prove that women can Multi task... Teachmeets (TM), are where teachers from around the world get together and are happy to share their good practice with other like minded teachers. Do not worry if you don't want to present, you can always come along to lurk and listen to what people have to say. In the breaks you can join in with a conversation about current topics... Presentations can either be 2 minutes "Nanos" or 7 minutes "Micros"... Chris was in bed in Oz when he did this... An example of a Dramat (like our Maths learning mats) My thoughts... Thanks for listening.... Hopefully will see a few of you at the next Teachmeet...

Till then, Join the twitter army of #Tweachers... "they are the CPD you wish you could have if only there weren't the blockers and negative staff in school. Positive and inspiring." @Iteachforfun "like the dream CPD session. Very positive and inspirational." @Cottiss77
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