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Budget 101

No description

Erin Long

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of Budget 101

Budget 101 Workshop
2 Accounts Your Club Can Have with Student Development
Grant Account
Who can use funds?
Certified Clubs
Currently active and in good standing with Student Development.
Club President and Treasurer are the only members permitted to submit requests through Symplicity.
How Do I Use Funds?
What happens after the Budget Form is submitted?
Once we receive your Budget Form with attached meeting minutes Erin Long/Jennifer Pearson starts a requisition (a request for a reimbursement check to be cut in the future.)
If approved, we will contact the treasurer to pick up a Payment Envelope. This will be used to collect receipts and other back up.
Erin Long approves the request.
Audra DiPadova, Director of Student Development approves the request.
The District Purchasing Department receives it, adds a vendor code if needed and then approves.
The Director of Fiscal Services approves the request.
Once you submit your Payment Envelope and Receipts or Invoice and W-9, Erin Long submits a Check Request Form and works with the District Accounts Payable office to obtain your reimbursement or payment.
When we receive your check, we call the person on the Payment Form or mail the check out directly depending on the instructions provided on the Payment Form.

Back Up: Receipts and Invoices
Receipts and invoices must show that a payment was received.

If an invoice is paid out of pocket rather than a payment being made directly to the company you will need to submit:
An invoice with a zeroed out balance
A credit card statement or front & back copy of a check

Receipts and Invoices must show each item purchased.
Item numbers are not sufficient

Purchasing online?
You must get the items shipped to the campus.
2 Accounts Your Club Can Have with Student Development
Fundraising Account
All money earned from fundraisers, donations and membership dues.
Rolls over from year to year
Important to grow this year!
Funds earned by attending workshops and ICC events (Club rushes and Make-a-Pledge)
Funds requested from ICC or ASG in the form of grants.
These are set aside for specific events or purchases and cannot be used for anything other than what was requested.
Rolls over from fall to spring, but at the end of the year any funds not spent will be re-allocated.
Do you currently have money in your account?

If not, you may request grants from the Inter-Club Council.

Grant request due dates:
September 19th

November 14th
Step 1
PLAN EARLY!!!!!!!!
Step 2
Once you have funds in one or both of your accounts, you will need to meet with your club members (with at least a quorum of members present) to vote to expend funds from one or more of your accounts.

Make sure to take meeting minutes during your meeting.
Step 3
The Treasurer of the club will need to submit a budget form through Symplicity.
A proper motion to expend funds from a club looks like this:
John Doe moves to allocate $50 for the Giving event.
Jane Smith seconds
Yay 4 Nay 1
Advanced Check
Budget Form must be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to the date the check is needed.
(If a deposit is needed, the form will need to be submitted 4 weeks prior to the deposit date)

Advanced checks can be made out to vendors only.

Need to be submitted with Budget Form: Invoice & W-9

All budget forms for reimbursements are due no later than 2 weeks prior to the event date.

Once approved, we will instruct you to pick up the envelope to collect receipts.
This envelope will be used to submit for reimbursement no later than 5 days after purchase.

Reimbursement checks take 4 weeks to process.
Submit Event Planning Form on time.
Make an appointment with Erin Long to pick up receipt book and receive all directions regarding use.
Make receipts out to each customer.
Bake Sales: You may write receipts for each shift.
Membership Dues: Receipts for each.
Fill out Deposit Form and make copies of all checks. Money and receipts are due to the Student Development Office no later than 5 days after you collect money.
It is ILLEGAL for your to pay yourself or a member out of the cash collected.
Checks cannot be older than 10 days.

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