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Milford Sound

No description

Noelle Schmitt

on 23 November 2016

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Transcript of Milford Sound

Milford Sound
Noelle Schmitt
What Is Milford Sound?
Milford Sound is a fjord in southern New Zealand.
Highest peak is Mitre Peak and is 1,692 m tall
16 kilometers long
Can be accessed by road
3 kilometers wide
512 meters deep
Named Milford Sound in 1912
How Will Milford Sound Change Over Time?
River gets wider
Valley will form
Get deeper underwater
Mountains get shorter
More rainforest will grow
Water levels might rise
Other streams might form
What Can You Do In Milford Sound?
Scuba diving
Sightseeing tours
Hiking and trekking
Helicopter flights
How Was Milford Sound Formed?
Formed by glaciers.
Glacier slides down mountain because the bottom is slippery.
Glacier picks up rocks
Glacier and rocks cut through the mountain
Glacier forms u-shaped valley
Glacier retreats into the sea/ocean
Fjord fills with water.
Erosion and Transportation.
Glacial erosion explained on last slide
Abrasion happens with rocks that are broken off from mountains.
Solution from rainwater containing weak acids
No hydraulic action
Not that much erosion happening, since Milford Sound is not very fast flowing.

Traction happens with rocks broken from weathering
Not very much suspension.
Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mYd4NpKB3QDdpxZWU1dWpHc4CJTUeSnIHxkMC8U6Fy0/edit
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