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Edward Scissorhands Close Scene Analysis

No description

Alex Harrington

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Edward Scissorhands Close Scene Analysis

Edward Scissorhands Close Scene Analysis
You can't judge a book by its cover, in Tim Burtons film 'Edward Scissorhands'. This theme is portrayed in the scene when Peggy drives Edward to her house and there driving through the neighborhood. Music, panning, costume and facial expression are the techniques Burton choose to strongly display this throughout the scene.

Contrast was displayed through costume where Edward wearing gothic, scary and dark clothing in the bright and happy neighborhood and Peggy wearing bright colours. Edwards costume was black and had metal on it, he had what looked like belts wrapping around his neck so the only skin showing was his face because his hands were scissors, which made him look scary. Peggy's costume was a light purple button up coat along with a matching knee length skirt. This made me think Edward was new to the town and was unfamiliar to everything because his costume didn't fit in to the town. My theme 'you can't judge a book by its cover' showed in this scene because people might judge Edward on what his costume looks which is, a scary and unfriendly person, compared to the bright colours around him but you can not judge who he is just by his costume.
The music playing in this scene was orchestral, cheerful kind of music at quite a fast pace. The music created a happy emotion to the scene, it showed Edward was happy seeing the neighborhood and all the bright colours around him. He went to point at something across from Peggy and almost snipped her nose which at that point the music quickly turned more serious which showed at that point the scene changed from a happy emotion to a serious emotion. Edward looked worried almost as if he was worried if any other close accidents like this would happen with his scissorhands and worried what people would think which related to my theme. I think Edward thinks he might get judged by his scissorhands because they are not like everybody elses hands and hes scared of what people will think, but people should not judge Edward because his hand are different to everyone elses, his scissor hands does not show who he is.
The panning shot in this scene was across the colourful houses in the neighborhood showing adults gardening and kids playing outside. It showed the colourful costumes the people wore and that each house was the same kind of style also they were only a few meters away from eachother. The panning technique showed the neighborhood was a safe and clean place where everyone looked happy. I think the neighborhood was being judged on how it looked also because of the happy music that was playing as the panning shot went from house to house trying to show it was a happy environment. This made me think about my theme you can't judge a book by its cover because the neighborhood looked clean and happy but we shouldn't judge the town on just the way it looks.
Facial expression
In this scene the facial expression on Edwards face was interested, happy and also excited, he looked very interested in the neighborhood and looking at the people in it. This technique shows that Edward has never been in this situation before, he had never seen all the houses and kids playing around which is why his facial expression was so interested in everything going on outside and he was happy and excited to see this. In this scene Edward was judging the neighborhood on how it looks, which it looks like a nice happy place, by what his facial expressions were showing because he looked very happy and exited. But Edward shouldn't judge the town on how it looks because although it looks nice, when he has stayed there for awhile his thoughts might change once he has gotten to know the neighborhood which relates back to my theme 'you can't judge a book by its cover'.
In conclusion my theme 'you can't judge a book by its cover' relates in this scene through costume, music, panning and facial expression. This close scene analysis had showed the main idea in the scene and what the different techniques helped us understand. This theme is important because judging someone by what they look like is not judging someone by who they are and in this scene Edward looks scary, but he is not. This links to another film called 'The Blind Side' a poor, homeless black man is the main character, he also looks scary judging his dirty, dark and baggy costume and his appearance but when we get to know him in the film his is a very friendly guy, just like Edward scissorhands.
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