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Robert Graves!

No description

alyssa powell

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Robert Graves!

Robert Graves This is Robert Graves 1895 Born 24 July in Wimbledon (1895 - 1985) 1913 Wins a scholarship to St. John's College, Oxford Born: 24 July 1895
Birthplace: Wimbledon, England
Robert Graves had eight children
Died: 7 December 1985 (natural causes)
Best Known As: Author of I, Claudius
1914 Graves did not graduate from Oxford University but joined in 1914 the British Army. 1916 Graves was so badly injured at the Battle of the Somme that he was initially pronounced dead.
(A piece of shell went right through his back and chest.) 1918 Graves married the painter and feminist Nancy Nicholson
Graves became close friends with Siegfried Sasson, a poet The intimacy of their friendship have led some to say that they were i na relationship.
Receives the Queen's Gold Medal for Poetry 1968 1985 Died: 7 December 1985 (natural causes) Imitation Poem BBig brown eyes slyly staring
With hold stories never told
Brows raised high
Like questioning my every move
Threatening Look, touch it if you’re daring

Little pug nose- goes down as she smiles
Cheeks, rosy, puffy, wild black hair, tamed in a bow
ears, tiny, chin, round, neck, where could it be?
Teeth, growing in, Lips, small and round

My finger close to the flash, frown disappearing and Smile Appearing
One eyes closed, eyes filled with anticipation
And for the last time I ask if she's ready
She stands up straight with a soldier’s anxiety
'cause after the flash, it's done.
In Robert Grave;s poem "The Face in the Mirrior" he descibes the man's face just like this In his peoms he rhymes "abcda" or "abab" Using Metaphors Poet soldier Professor Occupations Writing Style
Usually Writes Love Poems
Some of his earlier poems reflect on what he experience during the war.
In most of his poems the first and the last line rhyme or it's every other line."

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