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Malala Yousafzai Presentation

No description

Jordan Doyle

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Malala Yousafzai Presentation

Malala Yousafzai
Early Life
After the shooting, Malala was left in critical condition
Doctors operated to remove a bullet from her neck
After surgery, she was unresponsive for three days
Celebrity Support
Jordan Doyle
Andrea Patten
James Shetler

Born- July 12, 1997 (Age 16)
Hometown- Providence, Pakistan
Student, Activist, Blogger
Known for her education and women's rights activism
"They thought the bullet would silence us, but they failed."
-Malala Yousafzai on her 16th birthday
“I am Malala” by Girls of the World
October 8, 2013
In a little over four weeks, she went from an ICU in Pakistan, showing no signs of consciousness, to walking, writing and reading in a hospital in the United Kingdom
Less than three months after being shot, she was discharged from the hospital
Blog for BBC
“Class Dismissed”
New York Times Documentary

Attacked October 9, 2012 by Taliban
Shot in the head at point blank range during the assassination attempt
Bullet grazed her skull, but never entered her brain
“She has become a symbol of Western culture in the area; she was openly propagating it," Mr. Ehsan said, adding that if she survived, the militants would certainly try to kill her again. “Let this be a lesson.”

“Girl Shot by Taliban in Critical Condition After Surgery”

News Coverage
She now delivers her message worldwide
Advocates nonviolence
Says she forgives her attackers, and understands their fear of progress and social change.
Social Media
Clinton Global Citizen Award
2013 Peter J. Gomes Humanitarian Award
Foreign Policy magazine top 100 Global Thinker
Time Magazine Person of the Year shortlist
Nobel Peace Prize nominee
Time's 100 Most Influential People In The World
International Campaigner of the Year, 2013 Observer Ethical Awards
Tipperary International Peace Award, Ireland Tipperary Peace Convention
International Children’s Peace Prize, KidsRights
Ambassador of Conscience Award from Amnesty International

Won runner-up in the 'International Children's Peace Prize'
"One child, one teacher, one pen and one book can change the world"
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