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How to Write a Research Paper

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Amy Chism

on 25 August 2014

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Transcript of How to Write a Research Paper

Welcome, Inquisitive Investigators! We are going to learn all about how to write a research paper! Stay tuned for some great tips!

Before we get started, watch this video about Research paper writing!
Getting Started!
Happy Researching, Inquisitive Investigators!
You will be looking at what you have learned
about the Modern Period for your research
project and composing an essay about
your favorite author from the
Modern period.
Step 1: Your Topic
Once you have an outline, it is time to start the drafting process. You can even use each of your outline bullets to make your first draft. Just take away the bullet points and turn it into paragraphs!
Step 5: Drafting your Essay
Before you start writing, you need to find
some good sources online about the author you choose. It is never a good idea to use Wikipedia as a source.

Choose websites that end in .edu, .org, or .gov... these are usually credible sources.
Step 2: Finding Sources
How to Write a Research Paper
It's as easy as Social Networking!
Once you have found some credible sources, it
is time to beginning pulling out the information
you are looking for. Read your articles/websites. Write down or highlight any information that
you may want to use.
Step 3: Digging for Information
Step 4: Making an Outline
After you have created your draft, you are almost finished with your essay! Make sure that you go back through your essay and edit. Add or tweak any citations in your essay. Read it through a couple of times and make sure it makes sense.

And then... you are final finished with your research essay! You did it, Inquisitive Investigators!

*Make sure to include a Works Cited page. Stay tuned for next week's session where we discuss plagiarism and citing your sources!
Step 6: Edit/Revise
As you gather more information from your research, begin making an outline of the information you want to include. Start out with your weakest point and end out with your strongest point. Creating an outline will help you organize your ideas and will give you a starting point for your draft.
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