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No description

Laura Elizabeth

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Revolver

REVOLVER Invented in 1836 by Samuel Colt THE The revolver changed the way guns work. With the revolver the shooter was able to fire off
more rounds without reloading Samuel Colt got his idea when he was 15
while on a ship to India. Seven years after he returned from India,
the Revolver was patented. Before the Revolver there was Percussion-cap guns
and Flintlock guns. These guns worked by having the shooter stuff gunpowder and a bullet
into the barrel of the gun. Then the shooter lifted the hammer and pulled the trigger.
In the fintlock guns, the flint in the hammer creates sparks that light the gunpowder
when the trigger is pulled. In percussion-cap guns, there was a chemical on the hammer
that created the spark. These guns took much longer to load and only shot
one round at a time. How the Revolver Works
In the early Revolver there is a cylinder that holds 6 bullets. When you fire the gun the hammer ignites the gunpowder
and the bullet fires. The cylinder then rotates to a new bullet. In modern Revolvers there isn't any gunpowder just
cartridge bullets. The shooter has to reload the gun after the 6 bullets are fired. Acceptence of the revolver The revolver was not accepted by the public right away. In 1846, the Mexican war began and the government had heard about Samuel Colt's revolvers and ordered 1,000 of them.
Colt used Eli Whitney Jr.'s factory and fulfilled the order. Samuel Colt was forced to close down his factory in 1842 After The Revolver 1858-The first cartlidge was invented,
hand-loading gunpowder is no longer necessary 1871-The first cartlidge revolver. 1877-First double-action revolver. 1892-First automatic pistol is invented. 1887-The first ever mechine gun is invented. Signifigence Of the Revolver The revolver is known as the gun that "won the west". The revolver was the first gun to fire more than one round without reloading. The revolver gave the public a more effective, "owner-friendly" gun. More Facts About Samuel Colt Born on July 19, 1814 in Hartford, Connecticut His father ran a silk and wool factory. Samuel was always
talented with mechanics, not so much as a student. He died in 1862 at the age of 47. His estate was estimated to be around $15,000,000 The End People could kill one another in a matter of seconds. Every single disagreement became much more dangerous because
of this gun. GOd Created MaN, Samuel Colt made them Equal.
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