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Red Bull

No description

Susanne Arnstorfer

on 31 May 2015

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Transcript of Red Bull

The product
Market Areas & Events
Cans -> high, narrow form always stays the same
Ingredients: coffeine + taurine + B - vitamins + sucrose and glucose + water
Aluminum cans: light, compact and recyclable
„Wall-to-wall“-production -> 5.313 tons of CO² savings
80% renewable energy
Dietrich Mateschitz
1980: unique marketing concept
First launch: April 1st 1987 - Austria
9.694 employees
166 countrys
40 billion cans
Slogan: „Red Bull gives you wings“ + comic spot campaign
Johannes Kastner
Launch in America in 1999
Brand building US
Red Bull Racing - Formula 1
Team USA - America's Cup
Extreme sports - X-Fighters, Air Race, Crashed Ice
Football - Red Bull Salzburg and more
Icehockey - New York Red Bulls and more
ServusTV, magazines, Red Bull Mobile
Red Bull Stratos - Felix Baumgartner
Viewers: 3 million ORF, ServusTV
8 million YouTube
7 million N-TV
Costs: 50 million Euro
Income: 1 billion Euro
Headquarter in Fuschl am See
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