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Climate divided into the four catagories; Atmosphere, Carbon, Oceans, and water cycle.

Uuber Jones

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Climate

Climate? Carbon Cycle The First, animals breathe out CO2 Then the plants breathe in the CO2 Then the CO2 goes in the ground The CO2 in the ground goes to the ocean We are putting out more CO2 than we are taking in :( To much CO2 = Unhappy Earth! pHoToSyNtHeSiS Atmosphere 5 LAYERS Exosphere Exo= Outside Thermosphere Thermo= Temp. Mesosphere Meso= Middle Stratosphere Trophosphere Strato= Layer Tropho= Mix GREEN house GASES Good at same levels :) Bad at different levels :( SEAsonS: SUN EARTH EARTH EARTH EARTH OCEANS OCEANS Ocean Acidification is caused by CO2 Acidifcation causes shells/protein to DISOLVE No shells means the small fish die and the food chain crumbles Which leads to less O2 in the ocean AND 50% of our O2 is from the ocean... These represent the poles Right now this part is having summer because its closest to the sun And right now this part of the earth is have a chilly winter because they are farthest from the sun Same situation here; Summer Winter Fall Spring N2=78% O2=21% CO2=0.03% N2 is PLanT FooD Then the gasses in the ocean form O2 Thanks for watching! EaRtH It seems so big...

But tiny...
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