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Rube Goldberg Machine

No description

Savannah Tuttle

on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of Rube Goldberg Machine

Rube Goldberg Machine
Savannah Tuttle

Simple Machines:
Lever: We had dominos hit one side of the lever while a bouncy ball was on the other end and when the dominos hit the bouncy ball fell off (but wasn't launched foward because it didn't have enough momentum). This was step 6.
Axil: The baseball hanging from a pulley hit an axle which twirled around and triggered a bouncy ball to start rolling. This was step 2.
Inclined Plane: I had a bouncy ball roll down a slanted track type thing which acted like an inclined plane but really it was like a hill for the bouncy ball. This way it could also gain momentum to trigger something else. With momentum the machine could actually function. This was step 4.
Pulley: I used a pulley to start the machine with a baseball hanging off it. This way the ball could get enough momentum to trigger something else in our machine. This was step 1.
Energy Through the Machine:
The ball on the pulley has kinetic energy and when it hits the axle the energy is transferred to that and turns into potential energy. The potential energy is then transfered to the ball and changed into kinetic energy. The kinetic energy from the ball is transfered to the dominoes which is transferred to the lever. When it is transferred to the lever it is converted to kinetic energy and then transferred to the other dominoes and converted back to potential. Finally the energy is transferred to the bouncy ball as it rolls into the stocking.
How it was Built:
A (step one)- A baseball on a pulley hits an axle. *
B (step two)- which makes the axle spin *
C (step three)- which triggers a large bouncy ball to be in motion
D (step four)- the ball goes down a slanted track which acts as an inclined plane. *
E (step 5)- the ball comes off the inclined plane and knocks over a row of dominos
F (step 6)- the dominos hit a lever which releases another bouncy ball *
G (step 7)- the bouncy ball knocks over another row of dominos
H (step 8)- and the dominos hit another bouncy ball which rolls into a stocking hanging from the end of the table.

*simple machines
My inspiration for this project was my little brother. I told him what we were doing and asked if he wanted to help me and of course he said yes (he's 10 and way into science). We remembered we had a bunch of his old toys like building blocks and family games so I decided to use game pieces and toys as my theme for the project. I watched a lot of videos of pre-made machines to figure out how I was going to assemble them and use simple machines in it. My biggest problem while assembling it was figuring out how to use a lever but with some research I figured it out. My biggest problem over all though was getting everything to line up perfectly so when the bal came off the blue track it hit the dominos and the dominos would hit the lever. It took me 36 times to get it perfectly right while I was recording. I did a run through once wihtout recording it and it worked perfectly but after that I had to try 36 more times. It was frustrating.
Work is what happens when an object is moved by a force of another object (or the same one).

Work was done by the pulley because it had the force of gravity acting upon it and it moved (a distance) and it did work on the axle.
Work was also done on the third bouncy ball in my machine and it was done by the second row of dominoes. When a force from the dominoes was applied to the bouncy ball it was able to roll across the table. The work was done by the dominoes but done on the bouncy ball.
Mechanical Advantages
-The pulley had a mechanical advantage because it had the force of gravity working on it so it just happened and didn't need anything else to make it work or anything.
-The inclined plane also is a mechanical advantage on my machine because it lets the ball roll down and pick up momentum and speed but it doesn't have to do any function. It just sits there and naturally the ball rolls down with the help of the force of gravity acting upon it.
My machine used mostly natural energies like potiential and kinetic energy.
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