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Natalie Ware

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Norway

By: Natalie W.

Background Information
Norway is typically a very safe and modern place to visit. Norways population is 5.019 million people. The average life expectancy of Norwegians is 81 years. The currency of Norway is Norwegian krone. The worth of 1 Norwegian Krone is $00.17 in the United states.
The Briksdalsbreen Glacier is one of the best known and accessible glacier when it comes to the Jostedalsbreen glacier. The Briksdalsbreen flods in to a small glacial lake called Briksdalbrevatnet. The lake is 1.6 miles in length and is 1,135 feet above sea level.
The Briksdalsbreen Glacier
To start, Olaf Haraldson the second was the very first king to rule all of Norway in 1015. He eventually started to convert the Norwegians into Christians. But by 1442, Norway was ruled by the Danish kings until 1814. That’s 372 years under the Danish king’s rule. Eventually, Norway made a peaceful separation between the Danish and the Norwegians. When World War 1 wandered around the corner, Norway stayed neutral. It was a totally different story for World War 2. Norway was infected by the Germans on April 9, 1940. During this time, King Haakon and his government traveled to London while the Nazi’s took full control over Norway. At the time, Vidkun Qusiling was Norway’s prime minister. But he was executed by the Norwegians for his infamous collaboration with the Nazi’s. Norway became the 2nd largest oil exporter in 1995. In June 2008, homosexual marriage and adoption rights were granted to be equal to heterosexual marriage and adoption rights. Very recently, Erna Solberg was elected preliminary.
1/3 0r 33.33% of Norwegians seriously pursue some sport or a kind. Women are a huge part of the Norwegian culture. Norway has one of the highest portions of working women in the working women in the world. Women have equal rights as men. Women make up about 55% of the university and college enrollment. Women have full choice in selecting their partner. The legal age for consent of marriage is 18 in Norway. Going along with women’s place in Norway, women are to dance quite a bit at their weddings because the sound of their bangles/earrings are to drive away evil. There are very many superstitions regarding Norway. First, in death, you are to light a candle to “light” the way of the spirit. Second, you are to bury the body facing the east so it faces the sunrise. Finally, you have to sit on the burial site to “talk” to the spirit. But one superstition that really caught my eye was that you are to stay in your house at night in winter because there is supposedly a group of deceased spirits that abduct wanderers and leave them in other areas to die.
Norway is one of the 3 figures of Scandinavia. Norway covers roughly 125,182 square miles. Norway’s geography changes often from the area. There are two coastal regions, an interior region and the northern islands. In the northern part of the country is a part of the Arctic Circle. Norway has harsh, unforgiving winters and cool, relaxed summers that are caused by the altitudes. Majority of the inner areas of Norway are mainly plateaus and mountains. The mountains and plateaus rise more than 5,000 feet above sea level. The western coast has mild winters and summers. Gales, rain and cloudy weather occur often. In January through February, it is around 50 degrees-61 degrees Fahrenheit. The typical weather is 27 degrees-34 degrees Fahrenheit. The northern sub-arctic coast is cold and dry with temperatures that are around 9 degrees and 21 degrees Fahrenheit in January. Summer is mild with 46 degrees-59 degrees Fahrenheit in July. The interior of Norway is colder than the west coast and drier than the northern coast. Average in January and February is 10 degrees-18 degrees and 45 degrees - 57 degrees in July. Svalbard Archipelago has server arctic with snow almost all year. The temperatures range from -6 degrees to -9 degrees in February and 37 degrees - 45 degrees in July.
Fun facts!
It is rude to chew gum in public.
The paper clip was in vented by a Norwegian by the name of Johan Vaaler.
It is impolite in Norway to place your hands in your pockets when standing in front of a large group.
Norway was one of the first countries to allow women to vote. Women are very involved in Norwegian politics.
Det er alle folk!
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