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Implementation Process Flow

Implementation Process Flow

Alex Lopez

on 26 September 2016

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Transcript of Implementation Process Flow

How do we get there?
Implementation Process Flow
Step 1
Requirements Gathering
Assessing Team gathers, reviews and compiles configuration requirements
Step 2
QA Testing
Quality Control (QC)
QC Analyst presents site with the configured and tested solutions for the gathered requirements
Site is instructed on the "How Tos" of the system
If during this stage the site makes any changes to the requirements that have been gathered and configured, the site would have to be re-assessed
Go live
QC assists the site for approximately two pay cycles, after which the site is 'Live'.
Assessing team:
Creates Change management ticket
Attaches the gathered requirements for site to Change Order in Service Now
Completes the first two tasks of the change order to generate the Configuration task
Hands over to Configuration team
Configuration team requests clarification if needed; else...
Assessing Team creates configuration documents
...the site is configured
Configuration Process Flow
Receive configuration documents
Perform configuration, create documentation and perform unit testing
Attach documentation to Service Now Change Order and complete Service Now task and Daptiv task
Complete site setup in QA
Pass site to QA for testing

1. Create Test employee
2. Execute Unit test scripts
4. Validate Test Results against requirements for accuracy.
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