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Crucible Character Web

No description

Jonathan Eshnaur

on 10 September 2012

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Transcript of Crucible Character Web

Leader of Girls in the Woods Abigail Williams Crucible Character Web Salem Farmer John Proctor Former Lovers Elizabeth Proctor Married Threatens and orders to lie Sarah Good First to be Accused Landowner Thomas Putnam Rebecca Nurse Accuses of Murder Lost Seven Children Goody Putnam Reverend Parris Daughter of Parris Well Respected wife of Landowner Francis Nurse Only Surviving Child of Good Putnam Uncle Reverend Hale Summoned to check for Witchcraft Tries to Save Giles Cory Martha Giles Believes Thomas Putnam is using the girls to take land from an anonymous man Accused and executed for witchcraft Deputy Governor Danforth Judge Orders questioning in which he is pressed to death Friends Wants Land Gives Doll with Needles Girls in the Woods
Betty Parris
Mercy Lewis
Susanna Walcott
Marry Warren Ruth Putnam
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