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p2 - Samuel John Rector

My pwezi

Know Strength

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of p2 - Samuel John Rector

My Mesopotamia Prezi! By Sam Rector Ancient mesopotaminans lived in permanent houses made of sun-dried
bricks, mud, and clay. There were 4 different levels of importance for people.
It goes priests, upper class, lower class, and slaves. The priests prayed at temples called ziggurats, which were built in the middle of town. Mesopotamia started around 3000 BCE. That is about 5012 years ago! The king og Uruk was Gigamesh and people belived he was two thirds god. Upper class men had
skirts, long hair, and curly
statches. The town of Ur had a population of 24000 people. The mesopotamians used Cuneiform to represent different things.
One cuneiform is mountain, this is what it looks like. Mesopotamia was between the Euphrates and the Tigris river. Mesopotamians had great imaginations, they invented many things that we still use today like the wheel and the razor. Mesopotamia is now located in Syria and Iraq. Welcome to the end of my prezi,
thanks for watching/reading/clicking.
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