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American Football Presentation

Quick rundown on the rules and positions of American football.

Matt Thompson

on 2 February 2017

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Transcript of American Football Presentation

What is American Football?

Mix between soccer and rugby
First college football game: 1869 Princeton vs. Rutgers
Football Today
American Football
Friday Night Lights
College Football Saturday
NFL Sunday
Quick History
Football game = Biggest Party of the Week
Tailgate Parties
Watch this clip from the University of Mississippi.
Super Bowl Sunday
Head Injuries
Pay for Play
How to Play American Football
Objective of the game:
To score more points than the other team.
How to score:
Touchdown = 6 points
Extra point = 1 point
Field goal = 3 points
Field, Downs, and Kicks
Field is 100 yards long and 53 yards wide
Down = a play, a chance to move
the ball forward.

The offense gets 4 downs (chances)
to advance the ball 10 yards. If the
offense gets at least 10 yards, it
gets 4 new downs.

A play is over when the offensive
player is tackled, falls down, drops
the ball, or runs out of bounds.
If a team cannot reach 10 yards in
four downs, it can punt the ball
to the other team.
Kick off
A kick off begins the game or the second half. A team also kicks off after it has scored a touchdown or a field goal.
What can the defense do?
Tackle Grab Push
Pull Hit
What can't the defense do?

Grab the facemask
Interfere while the
ball is in the air
So, are you ready to play?
United States Embassy
in Latvia
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