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Marques de Rubi's Report

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Jazpa Murph

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Marques de Rubi's Report

Marques de Rubi's Report
Aguayo's Missions and Presidios
In 1719, France drove us out of East Texas, but on the Aguayo Expedition as you know, men were sent to repopulate the area. Many missions were constructed or reconstructed, and the dramatic increase of missions, presidios and men made Texas a much stronger region, and France has greatly reduced how much they have been invading. Most missions are still standing strong, and they are a great help to Spain.
Santa Cruz de San Saba Mission
This mission, built in 1757 to Christianize the local Apache indians, was tormented and attacked repeatedly over years, marauded by the Apache indians, who did not like the new religion. With harsh winters, dwindling supplies and fierce tribes, this mission was destroyed over the years and never rebuilt. Definitely a failure of a mission, lasting very little time.
By: Jasper Murphy
San Francisco de los Tejas
This mission, as you probably know, was built in 1960 in response to Fort St. Louis, and was the first mission in East Texas. It was burned down because of the difficulty of supplying food and other things. When it was reconstructed as Nuestro San Francisco de los Tejas in 1716, things didn't go much better. Many people left, and the mission was destroyed after the humiliating "Chicken War" in 1719. Not a decent mission at all.
In 1766, Marquez de Rubi set out by order of the king to inspect the missions and presidios that Spain constructed in Texas. In 1669, he returned to Spain with information on several areas of which people settled in, three of which are featured in this presentation. Included in this are San Francisco de los Tejas, the missions and presidios built during the Aguayo expedition, and San Saba Mission. The following report is written as Rubi may have written it to the king of Spain.
As for the two failed missions, and a few others I found, I have a few recommendations for all settlements in Texas. First off, the settlements along the Rio Grande must be reorganized as a line of about fifteen missions and presidios. Also, all missions and presidios excluding La Bahia and San Antonio must be abandoned, and San Antonio be made the capital. I recommend a war against the Lipan Apaches, and I also recommend Spain becomes allies with enemies of the Apache. I hope you take these recommendations into deep consideration.
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