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A Growing Nation

No description

on 19 March 2016

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Transcript of A Growing Nation

A Growing Nation
What is Manifest Destiny?
When did it all begin?
Watch this video to see which area was added first.

American Progress


Look at these songs written during the western expansion.
Read the words and find reasons for moving west. What was
expected in the west?
How did the nation grow?
Read this and learn how this land was purchased.

Make sure to take note of each area.
Watch this video to learn why people moved west and what technology helped make it possible.
Use this site to research:
Louisiana Purchase
California Gold Rush
Oregon Trail
Be sure to think about which topic you would
want to use in a project.
The idea that expansion was for the good of the country and was the right of the country .
"We can take all the land of the continent, from sea to shining sea."
What does this picture tell you about moving west?
What was life like as people moved westward?
Read these diary entries of people who were on a westward trail seeking a new life.

Explore this map to see when
each area was added.
Now you get to travel west! Are you prepared?
Click on the links to begin your journey
Let's review how the nation grew.
Use this site and stop on the Gadsden Purchase, 1853. Make note of any additional information that is important. Use your note page chart.
What is this brochure trying to promote?
You can play a review game on the page after the Gadsden Purchase.
What have you learned?
Using your note page and any additional information you have learned, you are going to create the front page of a newspaper. Your newspaper must include:
1) The name of your newspaper, with an appropriate date that represents the time period you are writing about.
2) A chart or timeline of these land acquisitions, including the year they were added: Louisiana Purchase, Texas, Florida, California, Oregon
3) An article giving details about one of the above land acquisitions. It should include from whom the land came and any facts that you learned about it. Why was this land important to the growth of the nation?
4) An article describing what life was like on one of the trails traveling west. Think about the diary entries you read and include some of those details.
Use this link to create your newspaper
Be sure to take notes.
Does the growing United States experience growing pains?

Think about the possible struggles?
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