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Silsa V2

No description

Filipe Moreira

on 6 August 2013

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Transcript of Silsa V2

Sustainable Luxury
More than building a brand
we want to create a different concept
within the plethora of brands and concepts.
we were not the first on the market
but we want to create our own space
so this is the plan...
we found that the world is always changing
and "the more you change the less you feel"
so it's hard to build something that lasts...
when today is this,
and tomorrow is that
what's the best thing we have in the world since...ever?
there are songs about this with more than 4000 years
it's something we can't explain
but exists since the birth of mankind
and it will be part of the world forever
in its pure form isn't harmful
actually, it's the ultimate sustainable thing...
love is never out of fashion
because love exists in everything
we want to build a brand
swathed in sustainability
and with love as its main element
through our brand, we want to waken people's vision
to enjoy art
we want to promote the best that people have
we aspire to be a symbol of uniqueness
and project that symbol to the world around us
the ultimate luxury
is to surpass the material aspects
with timeless pieces
can you help us?
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