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Murder and The Tenth Circle

Shelby Hall

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Murder

By: Shelby Hall Murder The Tenth Circle
By: Jodi Picoult The unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another. Definition First Degree Murder: - Premeditated and deliberate killing of a human being.
- Victim is a law enforcement officer.
- Death occurs while committing harassment.
- Death occurs while using explosives.
- Death occurs while committing or attempting to commit an offence related to terrorism. Murder Types of Murder The Tenth Circle Second Degree: - Unplanned deliberate killing of a human being. And basically any murder that doesn't fit in the category of first-degree. Manslaughter: - The crime of killing a human being without intent.
Causing death by doing something you should not have done. Homicide/Murder Rates Around the World Most Common Murder Weapons 1. Guns
2. Knives
3. Personal Body Weapons
4. Blunt Objects
5. Asphyxiation
6. Strangulation
7. Fire
8. Narcotics
9. Drowning
10. Explosives Murder Sentencing (Canada) First Degree:
Minimum sentence of life imprisonment (25 years). With no chance of parole for 25 years.

Second Degree:
Minimum sentence of life imprisonment (25 years). With no chance of parole for 10-25 years depending on what the judge decides.

Does not have an automatic sentence, it remains for the court to decide.
However if someone were to receive a life sentence for manslaughter they would be eligible for parole after 7 years. Death Penalty (United States) Alabama
Florida- 64
Kentucky Louisiana
Missouri- 66
New Hampshire
North Carolina
Oklahoma- 86
Oregon Pennsylvania
South Carolina
South Dakota
Texas- 405
Virginia- 98
Wyoming Questions Do you think there is ever an excuse for murder? Do you agree or disagree with the death penalty for someone who has committed murder?

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<http://www.accused.ca/murder.htm> Bibliography Definitions Psychopath:
A person suffering from chronic mental disorder that has abnormal or violent social behavior. They regularly demonstrate lack of emotion and remorse. This makes it very easy for them to murder people without guilt. Mass Murderers:
A person that is responsible for the deaths of many people in an single incident. (Ex. genocides) Serial Killer:
A person who murders three or more people at one time in short intervals. Domestic Violence Homicides - Domestic violence homicides are homicides that happen between a husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, partners etc. Even homicide between inmates are considered domestic violence homicides.

- 30% of women murdered in the United States in 1999 were murdered by a husband, former husband or boyfriend.

- Of 57 domestic homicides occurring in New York State between 1990 and 1997, 75% of the victims had ended the relationship or stated an intention to end it at the time of their death.

- Approximately 11% of all murders in 1998 were the result of domestic violence.
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