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Saving Zasha

No description

Brennan McCormick

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Saving Zasha

By:Brennan Mikhail is a thirteen year old boy who found Zasha with his wounded owner. Mikhail lives on a farm with his brother, sister, and his mother. Mikhail is trying to protect Zasha from people who want to harm her or steal her. Main Characters - Mikhail Katia is Mikhail's classmate and a reporter. She finds dog hair on the dead owners jacket and wants to know why there is dog fur. She wants to know if the dead owner had a dog. Main Characters - Katia Dimitri: is breeding a new special Russian dog. Mikhail meets Dimitri at his farm. Dimitri is trying to help Mikhail and Zasha. He was a special soldier. Main Characters Zasha: is a German Shepard who was found by Mikhail. Zasha is wanted by soldiers or people who want to steal her or hurt her. Zasha obeys orders from her owner. Main Characters Short summary Mikhail is a thirteen year old boy who finds a wounded owner and his dog in the woods. It's dangerous to own a German shepherd in Russia after WWII, so Mikhail keeps the German shepherd and hopes no one will find her. Zasha is sad after her owner dies.

Katia is Mikhail's classmate and a reporter and she wants to know everything that happened at the scene. Mikhail has to keep Zasha a secret but finds out that Zasha is pregnant. There are some dog thieves out there and Mikhail has meet them before. He will have to fight against them to keep Zasha safe. The setting is in Russia during WWII. Russia won't aloe anything from Germany or has the word German in it because Germany killed allot of innocent people for no reason. The setting Zasha is a perfect a example because she is from Germany and people want to steel her because they want to kill her or sell her. Symbolism: Russia not allowing anything in German in Russia The theme of this book is historical fiction. Theme
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