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Untitled Prezi

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Mikayla Cusick

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Mikayla Cusick
Mrs. Mahoney
English 7
May 31, 2013
Class of 2018 Seventh Grade Yearbook! Chapter 1:
All About Me and my Family/Friends! Chapter 2:
This Year! Physical Description:
Strawberry Blonde hair
Blue eyes
and I am Freakishly Tall
I am very Creative, Fun, Mature and a Helper I am a Sister and a Best Friend Volleyball
Track & Field
Hanging out with friends and family
Shopping My Transition From Sixth Grade Seventh Grade I was feeling nervous and worried, but also filled with excitment. Seventh Grade has been a blast with homework, sports, grades, and learning new things. Chapter 4:
The Future! My Favorite Parts about Seventh Grade How I Progressed Academically! Chapter 3:
In the World! Fashion/Trends -Shirts tucked in the front with a belt
-Iphones/Ipods hanging out of back pockets
-Long sleeve shirts with shorts
-Infinity Signs Grade Technology -Ipods/Ipads
-Google Glasses News -Boston Marathan Bombing
-Three Girls Missing, 10 years
-Sandy Hook Shooting Entertainment -Pretty Little Liars

-Singers: Justin Beiber and One Direction Liz, Jane, Mackenna, Morgan, Sara, Violet, Maddy, Olivia, Micheala, Morgan and Caroline Experiences now that will influence me in the future Immediately:
8th Grade

Sports: Volleyball and Running Family:
My Mom
My Sister
My Granny
My Grampy
My Aunt
My Uncle
3 Cousins
A Dog My FRIENDS from:
Track & Field
Just School Friends We are twins! Knowing all my multiplication facts! When my grades go from poor to amazing that always makes me happy! - Switching Classes
- Having New Teachers
- Math that is easy, but sometimes hard
- Lockers In 20 years I could Play Volleyball Artists The End! What this says about our world How this impacted our world What this says about our world What prompted the new technology Hobbies/Activies Have a happy family and a well paying job.
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