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No description

Dimitris Maragos

on 29 September 2016

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Transcript of Erasmus+_IKY

From Erasmus to Erasmus+
Athens, 18/12/2013
Erasmus+IKY= Success
European Launching of Erasmus+
Tripoli, 10/3/2014
Athens 8/12/2014, Thematic Seminar on Skills Missmatch
info: www.iky.gr
Patras, 27/2/2014
More than 50.000 outgoing Erasmus Students from Greek Universities (1987-2012)
2.300 students for Erasmus placements during LLP-2007-2013 (20% raise each year)
2.600 incoming students for studies and placements from 2000 till 2012 (Top sending countries: Poland, France, Spain, Germany)

The NA informed the Members of the Greek Parliament (Standing Committees on Educational and Cultural Affairs) about the opportunities offered by Erasmus+
Athens, 4 February 2014
Information Office of the European Parliament in Greece
The President of IKY participated in several high viewing TV shows and news stories!
High Social Media impact:
More than 55.000
likes in 3 years, 7.000.000 page insight
Commissioner Vassiliou addresses the key note speech
Trikala, 27/3/2014
The statistics from the Erasmus+ Bus...
IKY in the Media
Most "liked " NA FB page
AND the Most "liked" page of a Public Institution in Greece
Experiences with the implementation of the
Erasmus+ programme on national level.

Piraeus, Peace and Friendship Stadium,
And because we needed a bigger place we booked our next Info day at a Basketball Stadium! More than 1.000 participants took part and had the chance to be informed for first time about the opportunities that Erasmus+ offers in the field of Sport!
Erasmia says Thank you :-)
The path for excellence
By Dimitris Maragkos, Communication Officer, Hellenic Erasmus+ NA
Youth on the Move, 11-13/9 2014
We actively participated to the EU Initiative with 5 interactive presentations, leaflets and the coordination of a FB chat with 2 other Greek Organizations who implement European Programmes
Alexandroupolis, 24/10/2014
Ioannina 10-11/11/2014
Brand new 32 pages Publication
More than 10 publications per year

Press and online media Monitoring
Close cooperation with EU and National Organizations, Universities and Student NGOs
Crossectoral Cooperation with all stakeholders: Directorates of Education, Chambers of Commerce and Universities
9 collaborative partnerships proposals from Greek beneficiaries
6 non-for-profit events proposals from Greek beneficiaries
Over 80 Greek Organizations as partners
+ Alumni Group
Athens 5/12/2014,
Info day for Erasmus+ Centralized Actions in Higher Education
IKY is the first Organization of the public sector which is awarded with such a certification.
Lamia, 12/1/2015
Athens, 6/2/2015
Katerini, 17/2/2015
Xanthi, 2-3/10/2015
Youth on the Move
Erasmus+ meet the Navy
The 1st Mobilit Fair, Athens, 7/3/2016
Moren than 1500 participants!
Kavala, 30/3/2016
Chios, 5/4/2016
Katerini, 15-16/4/2016
Youth on the Move
Chania, 13-14/5/2016
Europe Day
Success Stories from IKY fellowsand Erasmus+ Alumni
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