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Soccer Goal Design

No description

Andrew Rohkohl

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Soccer Goal Design

Soccer Goal 3-26-13
Andrew R., Andrew B., Arienne G.D
Principles of Engineering
Period 4 Final Solution Image Two Potential Sketches Two Potential Programs 1. while(1==1)
flash LEDs Final Physical Sketch Final Program Sketch Final Program + Description Conclusion Questions 2. while(1==1)
do nothing else
flash LEDs 1. The hardest part of the project was designing it so only the soccer ball would make the lights go off. We have limited technology at our hands, so it is very difficult to solve the problem at hand.
2. One thing we could have added to make our design better is a possible magnet system to make the lights go off more accurately. If we had magnets they would have been a better choice to solve our problem instead of the Ultra-Sonic Range Finders. Another thing we could have added is a better representation of the soccer ball. We made it so the ball only comes from one direction and at one angle, but that isn't very realistic. We could have made a free range ball that would cross at any angle or direction. Ideally, the ball would have a sensor in it,
the ball on the right. However, there was no way to do this using VEX kits. So, we just did a representation of a ball passing through a goal
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