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Multiple Intelligences

No description

Renato Gil Piedade

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of Multiple Intelligences

Multiple Intelligences INTERPERSONAL intelligence Care about people's feelings;
Good advisers;
Easy communication. BODILY-KINESTHETIC intelligence Good at physical activities;
Good at building and making things;
Good at sports. INTERPERSONAL intelligence Good at understanding their own emotions;
Preference for individual work;
High motivation to reach goals. LOGICAL-MATHEMATICAL intelligence Good at math, chess, computers;
Learning through analyzis;
Good with numbers. MUSICAL intelligence High sensibility to sounds;
Listening to music;
Easily learn how to play an instrument. NATURALIST intelligence High sensitivity to nature and the place within it;
Outdoor activities;
Good at interacting with animals. SPATIAL intelligence Strong visual memory;
Good sense of direction;
Good at visualizing and mentally manipulating objects. LINGUISTIC intelligence Good at reading and writing;
Good at memorizing words and dates;
Skillful in oration and persuasive speaking. idea: idea: idea: idea: idea: idea: idea: idea: pre-activity:
pair/group work
e.g. problem x advice pre-activity:
hands-on project
e.g. report on a model diary
anecdotes songwriting
album review
poem; poetry pre-activity:
outdoor activity
e.g. field trip to zoo memoirs
trip description
memory game report on statistical data
logical deduction stories
e.g. detective stories speech
novels Thanks 4your
attention! 1983
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