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Two different ways to group Items in Prezi

Jakob Winter

on 31 January 2011

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Transcript of Grouping

two groups of people, wantig to be grouped... grouping with frames we draw two grouping frames around them. everything's fine! but in this second example the two groups are intersecting... now, when we draw our two grouping frames, two people of these groups will panic, because they are not sure, where they belong... HELP!!! problem 1 problem 2 accidentally moving groups into each other. imagine you've got two nicely separated groups. now you start rearranging them... ...accidentally pushing one group into the other. suddenly parts of each group don't know where to belong anymore ? ? one solution would be to not allow grouping frames to intersect.
but that would mean restricting the user in his design process! grouping with containers you may not see it right now, but these two groups of people are already grouped in two different containers... when you select an object that is part of one such group, the whole group will be highlighted and a transformation gizmo will be shown (where you can transform the group as a whole... there are two ways of entering the container of a group: select the "enter group" symbol (it could be located next to the little + sign or - probably more sensibly - inside that context-menu). or you could simply double-click the group to enter it! once you are inside a group, objects outside will be greyed out and not selectable. but now you can edit/delete/add objects inside this group's context... to exit the group, you just have to click outside the frame (or use a context-command "exit group" this grouping system might not be as obvious on first sight. thats not such a big problem though. for one it will mostly be advanced users who use such features anyway and for another prezi could indicate where you are inside a group hierarchy by showing it at the top of the screen (> Group 1 > Group II > Group III)... one big advantage is: the container-system would not restrict the designer in any way ps: I would suggest the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + G for grouping and Ctrl + Shift + G for ungrouping.
you will find these shortcuts in many design programs. so sticking with it makes a lot of sense
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